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Speaker Guide

So you've decided to give a talk for our meetup — thank you! Here are a few things we'll need from you and some tips to get you started.

What We Need From You

We need the following information up front in order to get your talk scheduled:

Take a look at any of our recent meetup announcements for examples of how others have done this.

If your slides will be hosted online (strongly preferred) please provide the link to us prior to the start of the meetup so that we can make them available to anyone watching the livestream during your talk.

Slide Tips

You will be presenting in a large room, and slides will be on monitors that may be hard to see for people sitting in the back. Also, while we record the slides on video, the camera is not close to the screen. Plan your talk with these parameters in mind.

Preparing | Talk Duration

We have the room from 7-9pm. We always start off with our standing "News from the Bleeding Edge" talk, which takes the first 20 minutes or so. The perfect duration for the main talk is typically about 30-40 minutes, which leaves some time afterward for questions and networking.

You should arrive 15 minutes early (by 6:45pm) to get set up and oriented with the room. There are multiple monitors and an overhead microphone, as well as the video camera. For Mac users, you can connect via Airplay. For Windows/Linux users, there are HDMI and VGA connection options.

Check out some of our prior meetups on YouTube to get a good feel for how the events usually go.

Organized by Brian & Corey