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Sponsorship Opportunities

To sponsor a meetup, or if you have any questions about sponsoring, please email us.

We ask $300 to sponsor a meetup session, which covers the cost of food and drinks (we typically feed 50+ attendees). We handle all of the logistics. Remaining money, if any, is used to offset the recurring costs of running the meetup (e.g. website hosting, fees, swag, etc).

What you get:

This is a great opportunity to create some local awareness, find potential employees, give back to the community, and meet new people. And more importantly, you'll be supporting local tech culture, which helps everyone!

Alternate Sponsorship Opportunities

We've had sponsors provide giveaway items from books to stickers to physical gadgets. If you are interested in providing swag or giveaway items, let us know!

If you are ready to sponsor the meetup we have a handy sponsor guide that includes what we'll need from you to get the sponsorship set up.