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July 2013

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— Brian Moeskau (@bmoeskau)

Learn About Google Glass

Kyle Samani, CEO of Pristine

Glass Hands-on Demo



Interesting W3C Specs

Web Components

Interesting W3C Specs

HTML Templates

Document fragments which are unused by the document when loaded, but are parsed as HTML and are available at runtime for use by the web page.
// HTML:
<template id="comment-template">
  <img class="avatar" src="">
  <div class="comment-text"></div>

// JS:
var comment = document

Interesting W3C Specs

Custom Elements

Describes the method for enabling the author to define and use new types of DOM elements in a document.

Interesting W3C Specs

HTML Imports

HTML documents that are linked as external resources from another HTML document. The document that links to an import is called a master document.
<link rel="import" href="/imports/another.html">

Interesting W3C Specs

Shadow DOM

Allows multiple DOM be composed into one larger tree when rendered. These shadow trees...establish encapsulation boundaries while retaining standard DOM composability semantics.

Interesting W3C Specs


Something that enhances or overrides the presentation of an existing element.

Concept only, no official spec yet

// HTML:
<decorator id="details-open">
        <p>Open: <content></content></p>

// CSS:
details[open] {
    decorator: url(#details-open);

Interesting W3C Specs

And now for something completely different...

Interesting W3C Specs

Gamepad API

Handle console gamepad events via JS

Working draft status

Implemented in Chrome & FF dev channels



Firefox OS

ZTE Open smartphone launched in Spain TODAY (July 2)!

Initial focus on emerging markets

Adaptive app search will "transform [the device]
to fit a user’s needs at any moment."

"First devices powered completely
by Web technologies"

Browser Pop Quiz

Name the latest versions of:

Browser Pop Quiz

Name the latest versions of:

Oh yeah, IE is at 10. But you knew that ;)

Chrome 27

Switching from WebKit to Blink in Chrome 28 (currently in beta)

Removed ~9M lines of code

New threaded HTML parser

Loads DOM content about 10% faster and reduces the maximum stop time due to parsing by 40%

Firefox 22

Released June 25

CSS3 Flexbox (unprefixed, enabled by default)

Web Notifications API

asm.js (within 2X native performance)

WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) API

HTML5 <data> and <time> elements

Opera 15

Released July 2 (today!)

First release based on Chromium (Blink)

Missing some features still (tabs, settings sync, themes)

IE 11

Coming in Windows 8.1 (already in preview)

WebGL! (low-level 3D graphics API)

New console / debugging tools

Support for SPDY (Google's network protocol)

IE 11: Console Sneak Peek

Chrome Frame

Awesome plugin that modernizes old IE

Google is retiring it in January 2014

iOS 7

Coming "this Fall"

Google Glass

New full-fledged web browser, as of TODAY (July 2)


Coming Soon

PhoneGap 3.0

No ETA yet (2.9 was just released June 26, last 2.x release)

New plugin architecture / slim core

PhoneGap CLI

New APIs: InAppBrowser (formerly ChildBrowser plugin), Globalization

Plugin discovery based on npm

New & Interesting


Published by Facebook last month

"Composite Components"

Declarative markup & events

Bi-directional data binding

Plays nicely with other libs (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.)

With React, you *never* generate strings. Instead, you construct a tree of lightweight objects that represent HTML elements and subcomponents that make up your component. This tree of objects is eventually serialized to HTML.

Web Components Today!

Native web components are still a little way off.

Luckily (as usual) libraries are leading the way!


Full Web Component polyfill library by Google

<element name="tk-element-databinding">
    This is <strong>{{owner}}</strong>'s tk-element.
    Polymer.register(this, {
      owner: 'Brian'


By Mozilla, mainly focused on custom elements

// JS:
xtag.register('modal', {

// HTML:
  <h3>X-Tags Modal Map</h3>
  <x-map data-key="6c86bb5b30a442c"></x-map>

React Components

var Hello = React.createClass({
    render: function() {
        return <div>Hello {}</div>;

    <Hello name="World" />, document.body

Angular Components

<input type="text" ng-model="yourName" value="World">

<h1>Hello {{yourName}}!</h1>

Ember Components

App.ApplicationController =
    yourName: "World"

<p>Hello, {{yourName}}!</p>

Local Happenings

July Events

OpenHack Austin

July 3 (tomorrow) at 7pm, right here (free)

Google Developer Group TX DevFest

Fri-Sat, July 12-13 ($20)
"Google Glass WTF" by Whurley, hands-on Glass demos

LoneStarRuby Conference

Fri-Sat, July 19-20 ($300)

Startup Grind Austin: Mike Maples, Sr

Mon, July 29, 6-9pm ($15)

On the Radar

An Event Apart: Austin

Sept 30-Oct 1 ($945 through Aug 5, register now)

ATX Startup Crawl

Oct 10, 5-10pm (free, register now)

Hack TX

Nov 15-16 ($??, not open yet) — more info

Tips & Tricks

Did You Know

...that Chrome's style inspector has a built-in color picker?

Did You Know

...that Chrome can un-minify JavaScript in the console?

Q & A

Brian Moeskau — @bmoeskau