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Bleeding Edge Web: January 2015

News from the Bleeding Edge

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News from the Bleeding Edge

What Is Bleeding Edge Web?

A monthly-ish update of the latest and greatest in:

Anything else that might be interesting to web app devs!

Browser Update

Browser Pop Quiz

Last version check — October 23, 2014 (3 months ago):

Chrome Firefox Opera Safari IE
38 33 25 8 11

Browser Pop Quiz

As of January 28, 2015:

Chrome Firefox Opera Safari IE
8 11

Chrome Highlights

Version 39


More Chrome Highlights

Version 40


Firefox Highlights

Version 34


Firefox Highlights

Version 35


Firefox Newsmakers

Firefox will not support HTML Imports.

... and (drumroll)...


Firefox Developer Edition

The first browser built for developers.


Opera Highlights

Version 26 (based on Chromium 39)


Opera Highlights

Version 27 (based on Chromium 40)


Safari Highlights

Version 8


IE Highlights

  • IE

    W3C Spec Highlights

    Indexed Database API - Recommendation

    Defines APIs for a database of records holding simple values and hierarchical objects (key/value).The database maintains indexes over records it stores. An application developer directly uses an API to locate records either by their key or by using an index. A query language can be layered on this API. An indexed database can be implemented using a persistent B-tree data structure.

    Server-Sent Events - Proposed Recommendation

    This specification defines an API for opening an HTTP connection for receiving push notifications from a server in the form of DOM events. The API is designed such that it can be extended to work with other push notification schemes such as Push SMS.

    A possible alternative to websockets in some scenarios.

    Languages, Frameworks & Tools


  • v0.10.36 (stable) & v0.11.15 (unstable) released.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1l
  • V8 Upgrades (Unstable: 3.28.73)
  • npm Upgrades (Unstable: 2.1.6)
  • libuv updates
  • node.js

    Node.js: 2014 In Review

  • Red Hat bought FeedHenry (node-based platform)
  • Apigee endorsed Node via support in their platform.
  • Oracle announced the Oracle Node Cloud Service
  • F5 used node in their BIG-IP series.
  • Mulesoft released Osprey, the first Node RAML implementation.
  • Amazon Lambda shipped with Node as it's first platform.

  • Node core had 17 maintenance releases and 595 commits
  • NPM doubled from around 50K modules to over 110K modules
  • Major server frameworks express, Connect, Hapi, LoopBack, and Sails each doubled downloads.
  • node.js

    Node.js: 2014 In Review (cont)

  • Used by Apple, MetLife, & Zappos.
  • GE started using Node.js in their appliances.
  • node.js


    io.js is an npm compatible platform originally based on node.js.

    How does it differ from node.js?

    The project aims to continue development under an open governance model.

    More io.js

    From the State of io.js:

    There have been 4 patch releases downloaded over 400K times.
    In the lifetime of node.js™ there have never been more than 8 active committers. Last week Chris Dickinson onboarded 8 new committers to io.js with plans to bring on another round this week.
    ... you can expect io.js to be marked stable in March.
    Some tasks outside of core development have already grown to the point that they necessitate their own project teams and committers.
    Now io.js’ biggest problem is keeping up with the flood of contributors coming in, participating in every facet of the project. io.js isn’t just healthier than node.js™ today, it’s healthier than node.js™ ever was and this is only the beginning.

    And now for something completely different...


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  • Bleeding Edge Web Work - Maybe? :-)
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    Corey Butler — @goldglovecb