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Bleeding Edge Web: February 2015

News from the Bleeding Edge

— Brian Moeskau (@bmoeskau)

Typescript Deep Dive

— Ted Patrick (@__ted__)

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News from the
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What Is Bleeding Edge Web?

A monthly-ish update of the latest and greatest in:

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Browser Update

Browser Pop Quiz

Last version check — January 2015 (last month):

Chrome Firefox Opera Safari IE
40 35 27 8 11

Browser Pop Quiz

As of February 24, 2015:

Chrome Firefox Opera Safari IE
40 35
27 8 11

Chrome Highlights

Version 41 (beta)


Firefox Highlights

Version 36


Sidebar: HTTP/2

New version of HTTP, mainly focused on improving page load performance

Based on SPDY from Google

Firefox Highlights

Version 36

Do You Use SSL?

SHA-1 Phase Out

Process has already started in Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft plans to withdraw support in Windows by 2017

SHA-1 SSL certificates should be replaced ASAP to avoid this:


Expect version 28 after Chrome 41 ships


Safari & IE

Security updates

Safari IE

Forgetting Anything?

Project Spartan

Holy crap, a new browser! From Microsoft!

Announced Jan 21 – will ship with Windows 10

User features:


Project Spartan


Project Spartan

Interesting context from a member of the MS browser team

On forking Trident:

It took almost 45 minutes just to process [the commit] (just committing the changes, not building!)...

In the coming months, swathes of IE legacy were deleted from the new engine. Gone were document modes. Removed was the subsystem responsible for emulating IE8 layout quirks. VBScript eliminated. Remnants like attachEvent, X-UA-Compatible, currentStyle were all purged from the new engine. The codebase looks little like Trident anymore (far more diverged already than even Blink is from WebKit).

Browser Pop Quiz

Coming soon...

Chrome Firefox Opera Safari IE Spartan
40 36 27 8 11 1.0

Languages, Frameworks & Tools

React Native

Introduced at React.js Conf 2015

Deep dive keynote

Not much official info yet (

React Native

"First Impressions" blog post


Transpiles ES 6 code to ES 5 syntax (formerly "6to5")

Provides polyfills for many ES 6 features

Includes an interactive REPL


New "next generation" JS framework (introduction)

Interesting background

Other Notable Releases


Open Austin Civic Hack Summit

Community-developed civic technology projects for Austin

Sat, Feb 28 at The Iron Yard

Free! (but almost full as of today)


A hackathon in support of non-profits (cancer-focused)

March 11-12 (just before SXSWi) at Livestrong HQ

$75/team, $20/individual

UT Journalism Hackathon

A hackathon focused on the field of "news technology"

March 12 (just before SXSWi) at Austin-American Statesman


Short – only 8 hours


Brian Moeskau — @bmoeskau