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Bleeding Edge Web: February 2016


News from the Bleeding Edge

— Corey Butler (@goldglovecb)

React 2016 Conference Recap

— Brian Moeskau (@bmoeskau)

Lightning Talks

  1. Hipchat on React: One Year Later (Mark Lozano)
  2. Preview of Chassis: A UI Unframework (Corey)
  3. Preview of NGN: Microservices w/ Docker+Node.js (Corey)

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News from the
Bleeding Edge


Browser Pop Quiz

Last version check — January 2016:

Chrome Firefox Opera Edge Safari
48 44 34 10586 9.0.1

Browser Pop Quiz

As of February 24, 2016:

Chrome Firefox Opera Edge Safari
48 44
10586 9.0.1

See our notes about Microsoft Edge Versioning.

Chrome 48

Didn't we see this before?

Chrome 48 (cont..)

Fixing bugs pays off!

Reward Bug Number Status Issue Fixed By
$25,633.70 583431 CRITICAL CVE-2016-1629: Same-origin bypass in Blink and Sandbox escape in Chrome. Anonymous
$7,500.00 546677 High CVE-2016-1622: Same-origin bypass in Extensions. Anonymous
$7,500.00 577105 High CVE-2016-1623: Same-origin bypass in DOM. Mariusz Mlynski
$TBD 583607 High CVE-2016-1624: Buffer overflow in Brotli. lukezli
$1,000.00 509313 Medium CVE-2016-1625: Navigation bypass in Chrome Instant. Jann Horn

Chrome (cont...)

CSS font-feature-settings

/* Use the default settings */
font-feature-settings: normal;

/* Set values for OpenType feature tags */
font-feature-settings: "smcp";
font-feature-settings: "smcp" on;
font-feature-settings: "swsh" 2;
font-feature-settings: "smcp", "swsh" 2;

/* Global values */
font-feature-settings: inherit;
font-feature-settings: initial;
font-feature-settings: unset;

Chrome (cont...)

CSS font-feature-settings

/* use small-cap alternate glyphs */
.smallcaps { font-feature-settings: "smcp" on; }

/* convert both upper and lowercase to small caps (affects punctuation also) */
.allsmallcaps { font-feature-settings: "c2sc", "smcp"; }

/* enable historical forms */
.hist { font-feature-settings: "hist"; }

/* use the second available swash character */
.swash { font-feature-settings: "swsh" 2; }

/* enable stylistic set 7 */
.fancystyle {
  font-family: Gabriola; /* available on Windows 7, and on Mac OS */
  font-feature-settings: "ss07";

Chrome (cont...)

CSS font-feature-settings?

<p style="font-family: Asimov;">plain</p>


<p class="smallcaps" style="font-family: Asimov;">smallcaps</p>


<p class="fancystyle">Fancy Style</p>

Fancy Style

Firefox 44.0.2

Opera 35

A consortium of Chinese buyers bid $1.2B to purchase Opera earlier this month. Opera (OPESF $7.71) is receptive to the idea. A buyout would most likely mean Opera would focus more on mobile. Despite this, they're working on a new desktop browser.

Microsoft Edge

WebRTC is now "under consideration". Go vote for it!



  1. dotCloud (Retires on Feb 29, 2016) - Makers of Hipache Distributed Proxy
  2. (Retires Jan 28, 2017)
  3. SPDY

Say Hello!

  1. HTTP/2! (IETF Finalized, already in Chrome & Firefox)
  2. Atlas (Stripe)

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