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Speaking Opportunities

To volunteer to speak, or if you have any questions about speaking, please email us.

Bleeding Edge Web events follow a consistent format:

  1. Welcome & Announcements
  2. Bleeding Edge Web (~20 minutes)
  3. Deep Dive/Primary Talk (~40 minutes)
  4. Lightning Talks (1-2 talks, 5-10 mins each)
  5. Meetup formally ends by 9pm.

What to Talk About

If you'd like to talk but don't think you can fill 30-40 minutes, try a lightning talk (see below)!

We like to discuss all things web + mobile. We've had a number of talks about Node.js, HTML/JS/CSS, web servers, libraries & frameworks, etc. We've also had talks about Google Glass, "Internet of things", etc. Bottom line: if you think it would interest other web app developer types, it's likely a good fit.

Our members are generally interested in web technology, but fall into a wide spectrum. Many are entrepreneurs, job seekers, employers, developers, students, and tinkerers. Lots of people means lots of interesting subjects.

If you run a tech meetup organized around a specific technology you might be a good candidate for speaking to our group. Overview talks about languages and franeworks generally make for perfect topics for our members who might not otherwise attend a meetup specific to them.

Lightning Talks

There aren't any formal guidelines for these, other than trying to keep it to 5-10 minutes. Some people use 3-5 slides, some just talk. Topics can be anything of interest to the group. You know what the group is interested in because you're a part of it (what interests you?).

Lightning talks in the past have covered things like Vue.js, RiotJS, functional programming, mobile apps, CSS Pointer Events, Node.js utilities, developer services, personal project, hackathons, etc.

Speaker Guide

If you are ready to present at the meetup we have a handy speaker guide that includes what we'll need from you and some tips that might help with your talk.

Organized by Brian & Corey