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March 2024

News From the Bleeding Edge

— Brian Moeskau (@bmoeskau)

PyScript and the Magic of Python in the Browser

— Fabio Pliger


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Libraries & Frameworks

Glaze v1.0

Released March 3
Utility-based animations for the web.

Tailwind-inspired CSS animation utilities

              <h1 data-animate="@lg:[&>span>span]:to:y-0|stagger-0.025">
  • Based on GSAP JS lib
  • Responsive breakpoints, timelines

Storybook v8.0

Released March 8
Build UIs without the grunt work
  • Built-in visual testing
  • React Server Component support
  • Vite support, rebuit mobile UX, more

Atrament v4.0

Released March 19
A small JS library for beautiful drawing and handwriting on the HTML Canvas

Not new, but 4.0 is a huge rewrite (demo)


Nue CSS v0.5

Released March 20
A scalable alternative to Tailwind, BEM, and CSS-in-JS

Basically, plain CSS + a design system

  • Last part of broader Nue "core"
  • Latest "content-first web framework"
  • Minimalism, web standards, "stupidly fast"

Angular Merging with... Wiz?

Announced March 20
  • Announced at NG Conf 2024
  • Wiz is a mature internal framework at Google
  • Not to be confused with:

    The Wiz

VitePress v1.0

Released March 21
A (Vue-based) Static Site Generator (SSG) designed for building fast, content-centric websites.
  • Default technical docs theme
  • Vue-enhanced Markdown
  • Static → SPA strategy

Pragmatic drag & drop

Released March 26
Fast drag and drop for any experience on any tech stack
  • Made by Atlassian (used in Jira, Trello, etc.)
  • Low-level core + optional visual styling
  • Also, Atlassian has a Design System site!

Industry News

The Web's 35th Birthday

Announced March 12
"Three and a half decades ago, when I invented the web..."

Let's Encrypt / Cloudflare SSL

Announced March 14
  • LetsEncrypt's cert chain cross-signed with IdenTrust is expiring Sept 30, 2024
  • Cloudflare will stop issuing these May 15
  • Mostly only impacts really old Android devices

Introducing vlt

Announced March 20
vlt /vōlt/: We are building the future of JavaScript packages.
  • Founded by former npm principles, well-funded
  • "The packaging ecosystem has stagnated & so there is a wealth of opportunity to innovate."
  • Other than that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Redis Drops BSD License

Announced March 20

Web Neural Network API

Updated March 28
A web-friendly hardware-agnostic ML abstraction layer

In Case You
Missed It



= FontAwesome + Shoelace

  • Currently on Kickstarter (shipping 2025)
  • Web components + icons + templates
  • Visual theme builder

Node.js: The Documentary

An origin story of Node.js

Node.js video

And Last, But
Not Least

F.C. Variable

A soccer-based experiment in variable font craziness

F.C. Variable


💥 Blasts 😄 emoji 😊 like 🎆 fireworks 🎇 all up in your 💻 HTML 📄 page. 😍

              // Commence explosions!

Better to just try (all of) the demos 😄


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