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May 2024

News From the Bleeding Edge

— Brian Moeskau (@bmoeskau)

Thinking About Your Code: Push vs Pull

— Ben Lesh (@benlesh)


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Libraries & Frameworks

React 19 Beta

Released April 25

  • Server Components
  • Actions / Server Actions
  • useOptimistic / useActionState / useFormStatus
  • use API
  • and more...

SolidStart 1.0

Released May 21

Fine-grained reactivity goes fullstack
  • "Composable meta-framework" built on SolidJS
  • Performant and React-like (reactive, no v-DOM)
  • Includes many primitives
  • Bundles serializer, bundler, runtime, router, etc.

Other notable releases

Baseline News

What is Baseline?

Web platform features that are ready to use in your projects today.

How do features become Baseline?

  • Newly available: supported by all core browsers *
  • Widely available: 30 months since interoperable date

* Chrome / Firefox (desktop + Android), Safari (macOS + iOS), Edge


Baseline Available as of April 16

Locale-sensitive text segmentation to split a string into words, sentences, or graphemes.

        const segmenter = new Intl.Segmenter('en', { granularity: 'word' });
        const segments = segmenter.segment('This has four words!');
        Array.from(segments).map((segment) => segment.segment);
        // ['This', ' ', 'has', ' ', 'four', ' ', 'words', '!']


Baseline Available as of April 16

Handy for parsing other locales easily:

        const segmenter = new Intl.Segmenter('ja', { granularity: 'word' });
        const segments = segmenter.segment('これは日本語のテキストです');
        Array.from(segments).map((segment) => segment.segment);
        // ['これ', 'は', '日本語', 'の', 'テキスト', 'です']

CSS light-dark()

Baseline Available as of May 13

Previously, only built-in system colors could react to color-scheme changes:

        :root {
          color-scheme: dark;
        body {
          background-color: Canvas;
        a {
          color: LinkText;

CSS light-dark()

Baseline Available as of May 13

Now custom classes can also react to color-scheme (simplifies the prefers-color-dark approach):

        :root {
          color-scheme: light dark;
          --primary-color: light-dark(#333, #fafafa);
          --primary-background: light-dark(#e4e4e4, #121212);
          --highlight-color: light-dark(hotpink, lime);

Screen Wake Lock API

Baseline Available as of May 14

Control a device's screen wake behavior, ensuring uninterrupted interactions with web applications.

Use cases:

  • Prevents dimming in web-based slideshows
  • Keeps screen on while following a baking recipe
    Wake lock

Screen Wake Lock API

Baseline Available as of May 14

        let wakeLock = null;
        const requestWakeLock = async () => {
          try {
            wakeLock = await navigator.wakeLock.request();
            wakeLock.addEventListener('release', () => {
              // do something after released

        await requestWakeLock();

        // release it some time later:

CSS stepped value functions

Baseline Available as of May 14

Transform a given value according to another step value.

        // rounding:
        font-size: round(nearest, var(--my-font-size), 1rem);
        opacity: round(.56, 0.1); /* 0.6 */

        // remainder:
        margin: rem(18px, 5px); /* 3px */

Web Platform Dashboard

Announced May 14

See the entire web platform mapped as a set of features, along with their support in browsers.

In Case You
Missed It

Bugzilla #33654

TEXTAREA incorrectly applying ROWS= and COLS= (horizontal / vertical scrollbar extra space, with overlay scrollbars disabled)
  • Reported March 28, 2000 (predated Firefox)
  • Finally resolved last Tuesday :)
  • Previously: #61215 "Can't check checkbox when within an <a href>"

Deep Dive: xkcd's "Machine"

Published May 8

  • xkcd released Machine April 5th
  • An infinite, user-defined Rube Goldberg machine
  • Haskell, React and Rapier (entirely in the DOM!)
  • It's also open source
  • Machine

Last But
Not Least

Doom Scroll

DOOM Scroll


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